Key Blogging Statistics

  • About 70 million posts are published monthly
  • Each month 409 million people see about 20 billion pages
  • ~600,000,000  blogs exist worldwide
  • Around 7 million blog posts are published daily
  • 71% of WordPress sites are written in English
  • The highest recorded salary for a blogger is $104,191 yearly
  • Content marketing is expected to grow by $417.85 billion
  • In the united states, bloggers earn up to $51,120 per Year
  • 22% of bloggers post 2-3 times per week
  • 95.9% of bloggers use social media to promote posts
  • 33% read blog posts to learn something new
  • 63% of readers believe more authors mean a blog is more legitimate.
  • Guest bloggers send an average of 25 posts per month.
  • 79% of editors say most guest posts are too promotional.
  • A single guest post started a $15,000-per-month business.
  • Only 6% of bloggers publish their original content as guest posts.
  • Contextual links get 387% more traffic than byline links.
  • 93% of editors judge guest posts by page views.
  • It’s possible to publish 100 guest posts per month.

11 Fascinating Blogging Statistics for 2023

Blogging is a form of owned media that individuals and businesses use to share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise with a broad audience. As social media and the internet have matured, it’s now easier than ever for anyone to start a blog and reach a global audience.

You may be surprised to learn that blogs make up one-third of all websites. Knowing the most recent blogging statistics is essential to identify blog posting trends and keeping your blog competitive. Without further ado, here are eleven blogging statistics you should be aware of in 2023.

General Blogging Statistics

Some general blogging statistics shed light on key issues such as monetization, growth, frequency, and more.

About 70 Million Posts Are Published Each Month by WordPress Users

WordPress is the world’s most widely used content management system, powering 43% of all websites. Every month, 70 million new posts are created on Every month, more than 75 million new comments are posted on blogs hosted by

Every Month, 409 Million People View More Than 20 Billion Pages

Wow, that’s a lot of people looking to blogs for help. Most bloggers (and blogs) on the internet use self-hosted WordPress, so remember that these statistics apply to a subset of WordPress’s business (the blogs they host themselves).

More than 600,000,000 Blogs exist on the web.

According to data from Hosting Tribunal, there are at least 600 million blogs online. The number is anticipated to be much higher, but calculating an exact figure can be difficult.

Around 7 Million Blog Posts Are Published Daily

With over 600 million active blogs, it’s unsurprising that more than 7 million blog posts are published daily. It is incredibly high, considering that many blog sites do not post daily. Many only posts a few times per week or even a few times per month.

The Majority of WordPress Sites (71%) Are Written in English.

English is, unsurprisingly, the most commonly used language for WordPress blogs. Spanish (4.7%) is the second most common language, followed by Indonesian (2.4%), Portuguese (2.3%), and French (1.5%).

In the United States, the Highest Recorded Salary for a Blogger Is $104,191 per year.

The highest annual salary for a blogger that has ever been reported in the United States is 104,191 dollars.

Global Content Marketing Industry Is Expected to Grow by $417.85 Billion by 2025

The ability of content to connect with a specific audience and convert them into loyal customers is undeniable. And it’s not going away anytime soon. By 2025, the global content marketing industry is expected to grow by 417.85 billion USD.

Bloggers in the United States Can Earn Up to $51,120 per year.

According to Glassdoor, a blogger based in the United States can earn up to $51,120 per year on average. This data is based on salaries submitted anonymously to the platform by 18 bloggers. It can vary depending on where in the United States the blogger is located.

22% Of Bloggers Post 2-3 Times per Week

If you need help with how frequently to post new blog entries, aiming for two to three times per week might be an excellent place to start. More bloggers than ever publish two to three times weekly.

95.9% Of Bloggers Use Social Media to Promote Their Blog Posts

It highlights the significance of repurposing blog content for social media. 95.9% of bloggers use various social media platforms to promote their blogs. Furthermore, nearly all (97%) of them report that SMM has greatly aided them in increasing traffic.

33% Of People Who Were Asked Why They Read Blog Posts Said They Wanted to Learn Something New

According to the survey results, more people are motivated to read blogs that teach them how to do something new. While 33% chose this reason, 20% said they read blogs to be entertained, and 12% said they read blogs to learn about news or trends in their field. Furthermore, 9% said they read blogs for all the reasons listed.

Statistics play a vital role in the world of blogging. They help bloggers understand their audience, tailor their content, and measure the effectiveness of their marketing and SEO efforts. By using data to make informed decisions, bloggers can improve the reach and engagement of their content and ultimately grow their blogs.

Guest Blogging Statistics 

It would be weird to read a newspaper featuring articles written by only one author, no matter how well they write. Aside from feeling disinterested, the newspaper’s credibility comes into question at that point. Wouldn’t you agree? Suppose you answered yes, then according to the autoresponder giant OptinMonster. In that case, 63 percent of all people who read weblogs think that blogs with multiple authors come across as more genuine than blogs written by only one author.

However, there is a fine line between outsourcing quality content and just having a melting pot of blog posts. That is where the work of a quality editor is necessary for a blog to shine. An editor can curate content, categorize it properly, sift through what doesn’t fit, and showcase the best.

The main drawback of guest blogging is the time spent on rejected pitches. According to affiliate and referral software company ReferralRock, in a survey of 70 respondents, guest bloggers send an average of 25.8 pitches every month. However, reading the submission guidelines before sending the post can reduce the number of outreach rejections. Also, read the blog you want to write for before you start writing your post.

The tone and type of content need to match for the blog editor to publish it. Reading the blog’s latest posts is a great idea as well. Also, it could be good to reach out to authors already published on the blog you are submitting. They might help you get your content approved quicker and easier.

Blogs primarily feature guest posts to get innovative ideas, spark conversation and debate, and welcome expertise with their audience. However, according to SemRush, 79 percent of blog editors report that the guest posts they publish are too promotional. It creates a dilemma because guest blogging, by nature, is promotional.

Creating content that informs, educates, and promotes simultaneously is an art. A great technique is to focus on one big idea per guest post. If you can contribute one helpful information in the post, you’ve done your job.

A guest post can launch an online business, build an email list, promote a product, build backlinks for SEO, and much more. According to Neil Patel, one guest post launched a business that’s now pulling in over $15,000 a month.

The strategy is simple: create a blog, create a free giveaway for an email list, sign-up for an autoresponder, create an opt-in form (a squeeze page), and then write a guest post to submit to other blogs. As your promotional link in the guest post, link to the squeeze page. That is how you build an email list.

Even though the potential benefits of guest blogging are many, according to Blog Tyrant, only 6 percent of bloggers use their original content as guest posts. If you want to start writing guest posts, you don’t have to worry too much about competition.

Consider hiring a guest blogging service to create your guest blog posts. The work involved may seem daunting to some bloggers, but the rewards can be significant. For some marketers, one piece of quality content is all it takes to jump-start an online empire, so hiring someone to write that content makes perfect sense.

The competition for guest blogging could be higher because most people need to be more active. The same applies to the readership of the guest posts themselves. According to BloggerJet, guest posts with links in the body of the article generate 387 percent more traffic than posts with links in the author byline only. That is a significant difference. Many blogs force you to hunt for the author’s profile, and readers like to scan it. With the links within the body of the content, the post flows better, and the whole thing seems less promotional.

Guest bloggers and blog editors have different goals. Therefore, they measure success differently. As a guest blogger, you may measure your posts’ success by how many subscribers you receive to your squeeze page; or by how many referrals you receive to your affiliate network. According to SEO Troupe, 93 percent of guest blog editors measure the success of a guest post using page views. That means quality content counts more than ever before, so make every sentence count when you write your posts.

According to Quora Creative, 3 percent of bloggers write over 100 guest posts monthly for other blogs. More than likely, that 3 percent is a small team writing for one blog. They must pitch content continuously throughout the month. Any guest blogger with the ingenuity to publish 50 guest posts every month on other blogs deserves a ton of respect.

Regardless of how many people write the content, it is an astonishing amount to be putting out every month. Only a few businesses are capable of doing that kind of volume. If managed correctly, that amount of content could easily make you a millionaire.

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