Google CTR Statistics 2024-2023

  • The average CTR of an ad in the 1st position is 7.94%.
  • The average CTR of any given Google search ad is approximately 2%.
  • Page URLs that contain a keyword have an average of a 45% higher CTR.
  • 63% of all internet users have clicked on a search ad.
    • 26% of desktop searches in Google receive zero clicks (Search Engine Land 1.)
    • 17.3% of mobile Google searches are zero-click
  • The top result on any given search results page generates an average CTR of 39.6%.
  • Organic CTR rates on mobile devices are roughly 50% less than on desktop.
  • Web pages displayed in Google’s Featured Snippets have an average Click Through Rate of nearly 44%.
  • The business sector with the highest CTR was the Arts & Entertainment industry, with an impressive 10.67% CTR.

Google Click-Through Rate by Position 2024-2023 (Google SERP Example)

  • Google Ad Position #1 – 2.1% CTR
  • Google Ad Position #2 – 1.6% CTR
  • #1 Organic Position – 39.6% CTR
  • #2 Organic Position –  18.4% CTR
  • #3 Organic Position – 10.1% CTR
  • #4 Organic Position –  7.6% CTR
Google CTR Statistics

Google CTR Statistics

Google CTR Facts 2022-2023

While many marketers know the importance of ranking on the first page, what might be less apparent is just how important ranking in the first position really is.

In early 2022, data from a study conducted by demonstrated that ranking #1 on a search results page generated an average click through rate of 39.6%. Conversely, ranking in second place sees a massive drop off; only 18.4% of users click on the second result on any given search results page.

Furthermore, a large percentage of Google searches don’t end in a click at all – according to data from SparkToro, approximately 65% of all Google searches were “no-click”, where the user left the search without clicking on any result. – (

Sometimes referred to as “position zero”, ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets can drive major traffic to your website. In fact, web pages displayed in the Featured Snippets have an average click through rate of nearly 44%. Further, on results pages with a Featured Snippet, the click through rate of the first place result drops 5.3%.

Organic SEO services often provide CTR rates on mobile devices tend to be roughly 50% lower than on desktop. Experts note that this is likely due to the fact that Google strives to be more of an “natural answer engine” on mobile devices, rather than a search results list.

In fact, data shows that the amount of no click searches (or searches that end without a user clicking a link) have steadily been rising over the last several years. This boost can likely be attributed to Google getting increasingly better at answering more search queries using tools such as instant answers, knowledge boxes, and featured snippets. This makes optimizing your content to make it more likely to be picked up in these ways even more important, as you may be losing out on valuable clicks by not doing so. – (

By optimizing your content for Featured Snippets, you can increase the likelihood of your website appearing in them for your desired search queries. Things you can do to boost your chances of ranking include writing short, concise answers to the given query, utilizing a high quality and relevant image, and following on-page SEO best practices. – (

The business sector with the highest CTR was the Arts & Entertainment industry, with an impressive 10.67% CTR. Conversely, the Attorneys / Legal Services industry has the lowest click through rate, averaging only around 3.84% CTR.

Google Click Through Rate Stats 2022-2021

Click through rates can be a difficult thing to analyze. Depending on your industry, a healthy Click Through Rate may vary greatly. If there is a heavy amount of competition for your niche, it may be difficult to generate an extremely high click through rate.

Click through rates also depend greatly on other factors, including the relevancy of the copy, keyword utilization and placement, the audience you’re targeting, and much more. – (

Even in Pay Per Click advertising, higher Google rankings makes a major difference; the average Google Ads CTR of ads placed in the first position is 7.94%. Google Ads ranks are based upon numerous factors, including bid price, keyword and ad copy relevancy, and many other factors.

Google CTR Stats

Users are four times more likely to click on advertisements served by Google than any other competitor in the market. Google Ads were projected by many analysts to capture an astounding 29% share of all advertising spend in 2021. – (

Many experts are surprised to learn that page URLs that contain a keyword have an average of a 45% higher CTR. In the same breath, URLs that contain the entire search query also receive a 45% boost in click through rate.

Including keywords and phrases in your domain URLs greatly increases your odds of ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets and other search tools as well. – (

According to data collected by Hubspot’s Annual State of Marketing Report, 63% of all internet users report having clicked on an ad in search results at least once.

Interestingly enough, the overall percentage of internet browsers using ad blocking software on desktop has decreased over 10% year over year since 2016, down from 52% to just 41% in 2021. On the other hand, the overall number of mobile users utilizing ad blocking software has gone up by approximately 64% over the last few years. – (

Based on the data, the average CTR for google search ads is 2%, and it may be around .30-.50% for display ads. This is largely to be expected as consumers are much more likely to click an ad for something they specifically searched for, rather than one randomly placed on a website they’re visiting. – Experts suggest that a click through rate at or above 2% is considered healthy; however, anything less should be an indication of a potential issue with your ad copy or keywords that may need to be addressed. – (


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