UX User Experience Statistics

Key UX User Experience Statistics For 2023-2024 User Experience Business Statistics: 68% of users abandon a brand because they feel the company is indifferent to their needs. 74% of businesses [...]

Google Bard Statistics

2023 Google Bard Statistics Google lost $120bn in valuation due to a wrong answer given by its AI chatbot Bard, during a live event, leading to a 7% drop in stocks. After realizing the factual [...]

Google Manual Action Statistics

Manual Action Stats For 2023 Google takes over 100,000 manual actions annually against sites and pages for violations. 60-70% of Google’s manual actions target spam, scrapers, and other [...]

Online Reviews Statistics

Online Review Statistics 2023  Online reviews are powerful, with 92% of customers reading them before making a purchase decision. 83% of customers will read reviews before engaging with a [...]