B2B SEO Statistics 2024-2023


  • No Google traffic is received by 90.63% of web content.
  • Long-tail keywords produce 3-6% more click-throughs than short-tail keywords.
  • For 53% of 2b businesses, organic search is the primary source of web traffic.

More B2B SEO Facts and Trends

  1. SEO is considered “extremely” or “very” effective by 75% of marketing professionals for accomplishing marketing objectives.
  2. For 61% of marketing professionals, thorough topic coverage is essential for producing SEO content.
  3. Accessing the internet using a mobile phone is the norm for 92.3% of internet users.
  4. To compete, 83% of marketers prioritize the creation of high-quality content.
  5. Websites that load in less than a second have a 3X higher conversion rate than those loading in 5 seconds.
  6. The top e-commerce conversion rates occur with 1 to 2 seconds of page load time.
  7. Poorly formatted websites, affecting readability, have been encountered by 48% of smartphone users.
  8. Businesses that find SEO more productive than PPC advertising account for 70%.
  9. An increase or maintenance in SEO investment through 2023 is planned by 88% of online marketers who invest in SEO.
  10. Pages with no backlinks constitute 66.31% of those with zero Google traffic.
  11. One person manages all types of content in 51% of small B2B companies.
  12. The top three positions in Google search results have click rates of 28.5%, 15.7%, and 11%, respectively.
  13. Google search terms that are unique comprise 15%.
  14. Global website traffic coming from mobile devices stands at 58.33%.
  15. The most potent SEO strategy for 71% of digital marketers is strategic keyword utilization.
  16. The primary success metric for 15% of SEO professionals is keyword rankings.
  17. If a page takes too long, 45.4% of buyers are disinclined to purchase.
  18. To directly contact businesses, 60% of smartphone users use “click to call” in search results.
  19. Search results featuring Google sitelinks boast a 46.9% click-through rate, compared to a 34.2% rate for sites without sitelinks.
  20. A first-page ranking is sustained by less than 5% of websites for an entire year.
  21. In search results, pages that rank first have 3.8X more backlinks than those ranking between 2 and 10.
  22. The average page speed of search results ranking first is 1.65 seconds.
  23. Keywords averaging between 3.2 to 3.5 words in length are found in the top 10% of ranking websites.
  24. For 70% of the time, Google Local Pack results fall within a 2-mile radius of the user’s search location.
  25. 90% of buyers are likelier to repeat purchases from B2B sites that provide superior mobile experiences.
  26. In 11.84% of search queries, featured snippets are present.
Local SEO Statistics for 2023-2024

2023 Local SEO Statistics

Key B2B SEO Stats For 2023

A large portion of the digital landscape is dominated by SEO, with 70% of businesses favoring it over PPC advertising due to its higher sales potential. Indeed, 75% of professionals in the field have recognized its effectiveness in reaching marketing targets. A noteworthy trend is that 88% of online marketers already investing in SEO are looking to sustain or boost their investment until 2023. This likely stems from their understanding of the importance of strategic keyword utilization, an effective strategy for 71% of them, and the use of long-tail keywords, which boast 3-6% more click-throughs than their short-tail counterparts.

15% of all Google search terms are entirely novel. Organic search is the leading traffic source for over half of businesses, despite less than 5% of sites being able to retain a first-page ranking for a year. Moreover, the top three Google search results account for 28.5%, 15.7%, and 11% of click rates, respectively, with results featuring Google sitelinks achieving a higher click-through rate.

The performance of mobile platforms is increasingly significant, with 92.3% of internet users accessing the web via smartphones and contributing to 58.33% of global traffic. However, 48% of these users have come across poorly formatted sites that impede readability, illustrating the importance of mobile optimization. This is supported by the fact that 90% of buyers are more likely to be repeat customers of B2B sites offering superior mobile experiences. The role of page load times is also critical, with pages loading in 1 second converting thrice as much as those taking 5 seconds, and those taking between 1 to 2 seconds achieving the highest conversion rates.

83% of marketers underline the need to produce high-quality content to compete, with 61% emphasizing the necessity for comprehensive topic coverage in SEO content. Sadly, a staggering 90.63% of content online doesn’t attract any Google traffic. It’s even more daunting to consider that in 51% of small B2B companies, all content management is shouldered by a single individual.

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