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Keystar Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in South Chandler, AZ (Ocotillo), in the coveted price corridor. With locations in the Downtown Phoenix Metro Area, Scottsdale, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, and San Diego, California. We have been fixtures in paid search advertising(PPC / Pay-Per-Click), search marketing (SEM), and organic Search Engine Optimization for over 24 years. We have worked with publicly traded organizations across the globe and many different internet marketing agency brands, but we have put them all under the umbrella of KeyStar for 2023-2024.

Our Story

KeyStar is the culmination of 4 marketing agencies combined under our visionary Founder. He began his journey in the mid-90s in Minnesota as an eBay PowerSeller with over 100k live auctions at a time. The school of hard knocks in the ecosystems of customer service, conversion rate optimization and B2C sales as a trial-by-fire learning degree educated him. After transitioning from 3rd party platforms, he ventured into eCommerce by creating, maintaining, and operating some of the most successful aftermarket auto parts websites of the time. After learning the ropes of being a self-employed business owner, he moves to sunny Arizona to continue his success in a much larger pond.  From there, as an expert SEO consultant, he began his SEO consulting career with businesses across the SE Valley of AZ and then nationwide.

Just a few examples of clients:

Just some of the firms we have helped or pitched to gain visibility online:

  • Luxury Apartments
  • HVAC and Plumbing
  • Pest Control
  • Cannabis Dispensaries

We have also participated in over 200 industries, including:

Technology Companies

  • Computer Chip Manufacturers – (Microchip)
  • Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Mining Data Centers (Bitmain AntMiner)
  • Website Hosting, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Google – Yes, our Founder performed SEO advising for the actual Google Company in 2017 for its Mobile 1st initiative

Home Services Like

  • Locksmiths, Maids (Molly Maids)
  • Moving Companies (U-Haul)

Cannabis Brands

  • Vape Pens and Vape Pen Cartridge manufactures
  • Cannabis Growers
  • Dispensaries, Stores, and Shops


Jewelers, Wedding Rings, Diamonds, Watches


Vintage Baseball Cards, Rare Coins


  • Lawsuit Loans and Settlements Attorneys
  • Personal Injury Lawyers, Patent Law, Corporate Law, Tax Planning, Wealth Management

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Investors (REI)
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Home Inspection Services