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SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips To Boost Your Google Rankings

SEO consulting becomes very important once your ROI and Click-Through Rate on Google Ads and PPC advertising decline (It always does eventually), but it can be difficult to separate quality facts from baseless rambling. To help you cut through the chaff, below are some essential tips you need to know about SEO-friendly content and how to make it work for you and your brand

  • Link Wisely – To succeed in SEO, you must prove that you are an expert in your industry. Many brands often need to find a way to link to internal and offsite content within their copy. You may have heard of E-E-A-T. Linking to relevant content provides this signal to Google. If your links are useless or worse, if you have no outgoing text links in your content, then you’re not going to stand a chance against the competition.
  • Attract High-Quality Links – Just as important as your links going out, you should ensure that other firms link to you. The more brands involved with the industry that mention or link directly to you, the stronger your position of authority and relevance will be. However, you don’t want just anybody to link to your site. They must be closely related to your content so that your incoming audience sticks around and helps your SEO with great time-on-page metrics that will reduce your bounce rate.
  • Utilize Guest Blogging – If you can effectively write and submit guest posts that link back to your content, you can help your Search Engine Optimization without much effort. First and foremost, your readers must trust that your company has some expertise on the subject matter. Once you’ve sorted that out, you need to create content that provides value to the reader and the blog you’re guest writing for. Crafting stronger relationships can open up new opportunities in the future, where you can boost your SEO even more.
  • Don’t Skimp on Meta Descriptions – You will need an enticing title and meta description for every single page on your website. They’re short, easy, and most important; they can explode your popularity when it comes to search results by encouraging clicks. Suppose you’ve got a helpful meta description for every page. In that case, you’re massively increasing the number of chances you have to snag a potential lead’s attention when they are on Google searching for a topic related to your site or services.

Localize and Optimize

When picking out keywords, you want to focus on two things: locality and popularity. You want terms that are particularly relevant to your business and the cities you serve, but you also don’t want to be using the same thing as your competitors. If you have to share that small pond, then you run the risk of getting starved out. Instead, focus on meaningful keywords that aren’t already monopolized by the competition, but are still likely to be used by potential members of your audience. Remember not to get overly precise because that can result in you getting no traffic at all.

A good example of this is instead of writing about SEO strategies you can write about Phoenix and Scottsdale SEO for local-based businesses that need more leads.   See how the second example is much more focused and includes long-tail keywords.  It is way easier to rank higher on Google for multiple word phrases than just a 2 word phrase or term.

Compress Images

Making your page easier to load isn’t just for the sake of your audience, but for SEO as well. Google prefers pages that load quickly, so if you can get your pages loading faster than the competition, then you’ll have a clear leg up.

An easy way to do this is to reduce the actual file size of images.  Don’t worry you don’t need a monthly subscription to photoshop to accomplish this.  Just open the file on an online image editor like and then save the file as a .jpg and reduce the size by 50% or so.  Make sure to keep the clarity of the image so it doesn’t look out of place.

Use an SSL Certificate for both www and non-www URLs

Keywords are great, but they aren’t everything. If you want users to click on your site and stay, then make sure they feel secure.  Your SSL certificate should be set up to account for all possibilities of your domain.

You should check your website right now to make sure you are not losing visibility and potential clients.

Share Your SEO-Friendly Content on Social Media

Sharing links to your content on social media may seem like common sense, but most businesses don’t do it nearly enough. On the surface you can directly appeal to your followers and get them to click, but you’re also increasing the chance that your post gets viral attention and brings thousands of eyes to your site.

Either way at a minimum post at least once a month to your best pages and blog posts.

Don’t Be Afraid of Using SEO and Content Tools

There are many online content tools out there that can make your content better with little effort on your part. From checking your spelling and grammar with programs like Grammarly to improving readability with paid apps like Supreme Dissertations, there are a lot of ways to spend a buck and dramatically improve your content quality.

Common Mistakes

SEO is complicated.  To succeed, you’ll need a quality content and SEO strategy, a wealth of Search Engine Optimization experience or the guidance of SEO experts, and the willingness to put in the necessary time and effort. However, even with all that, there are a few mistakes that are still easy to make.

  • To start with, make sure that your content is pertinent to your business. An article may look great and it may really resonate with you, but if it doesn’t fit firmly with your business, then it might not be the best fit for your site. You don’t want to dilute your SEO and confuse people about what your site is about.
  • Second, always take the time to check your content before posting it. Small spelling mistakes aren’t that big of a deal, but if you get a major fact wrong, then there could be irreparable damage before you notice and make the necessary change. If you want to establish a reputation for trustworthiness, you need to earn it with due diligence.
  • Third, you can’t expect that your keywords will last forever. You need to stay abreast of the competition and that means keeping up with keywords and Google search trends. Do your research and make sure that you aren’t getting left in the dust.

Parting Thoughts

From here, you have a solid foundation for getting your SEO-friendly content writing efforts off the ground. If you’re just getting started, then you have some guideposts for how you should set up, maintain, and promote your web and blog content. If you’re a little more experienced and are just looking for a spark of inspiration, then hopefully you’ve found a new angle you had not yet considered. All that’s left is to get out there, apply what you’ve learned, and watch as your audience grows.

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