SEO Spend Stats

SEO Spending Statistics 2024-2023

  • $499 is the average small business SEO spend for 2023-2024 – (Source)
  • Businesses spent close to $56.3 billion on SEO services in 2023; for 2024-2024, it’s estimated at ~$79 billion – (Source1) – (Source2)
  • The average SEO agency monthly retainer in 2024-2023 was $748 for local SEO service providers – (Source)
  • The average backlink cost was about $362 in 2024-2023 – (Source)
  • Professional SEO experts spend 36.6% of a campaign’s time on SEO keyword research. – (Source)
  • Organic SEO firms charge, on average, $3,000 per month for natural services. – (Source)
  • Most businesses spend $5000 or more monthly on Search Engine Optimization services – (Source: Formerly MOZ)
  • Most search engine consultants use less than 10% of their budgeted SEO spend on link-building – (Source)
  • 50% of SEO professionals spend $5k to $10k a month on link building – (Source)
  • The average visit time spent on Google is less than 12 minutes – (Source)

Key SEO Spend Stats & Facts

  1. Average Small Business SEO Spend: The fact that $499 is the average SEO spend for small businesses in 2023-2024 indicates a cautious yet growing investment in SEO among small enterprises. For marketing managers and business owners, this figure sets a benchmark for budgeting and expectations from SEO investments. It shows a significant recognition of the value of SEO but also reflects budgetary constraints and the need for cost-effective strategies.
  2. SEO Professionals’ Spend on Link Building: 50% of SEO professionals spend between $5k to $10k a month on link building, underscoring the importance of high-quality backlinks in SEO strategies. This highlights the need to allocate substantial portions of the budget to link acquisition for SEO consultants and agencies, considering its impact on search rankings. Advertisers and business owners should know the costs of building a solid backlink profile.
  3. Average SEO Agency Monthly Retainer: An average monthly retainer of $748 for local SEO companies in 2023-2024 suggests a focus on local search optimization at an accessible price point. Online marketing professionals catering to local businesses can position their services as cost-effective solutions for improving local visibility, which is crucial for attracting nearby customers.
  4. SEO Services Spending: The close to $56.3 billion spent on a SEO service in 2023, with an estimated increase to ~$79 billion for 2024-2024, indicates the growing market for SEO and its perceived value in driving business results. This trend should capture the attention of marketing managers and business owners, prompting them to consider SEO a critical component of their overall marketing strategy and investment.
  5. Businesses’ Monthly Spend on SEO Services: The fact that most companies spend $5000 or more monthly on SEO management reflects the commitment of medium to large companies to robust SEO strategies. For marketing managers and business owners, this points to the competitive nature of the digital landscape and the need to invest significantly in SEO to keep up or lead in market presence.
  6. Budget Allocation for Link Building by Consultants: The statistic that most search engine consultants use less than 10% of their budgeted SEO spend on link building suggests a diversified approach to SEO, where link building is just one of many tactics employed. This can inform SEO professionals to balance their strategies across various activities, such as on-page optimization, content creation, and technical SEO improvements.
  7. Organic SEO Firms Charges Trends: Organic SEO firms charging an average of $3,000 per month for natural services illustrate the market rate for comprehensive, organic SEO tactics. This price point reflects the detailed and ongoing work required to improve safe, natural, and organic rankings, from technical SEO to inbound content marketing. For businesses, this can guide what to expect to pay for quality organic SEO strategies.
  8. SEO Keyword Research Time Allocation: Professional SEO experts spending 36.6% of a campaign’s time on SEO keyword research emphasize the critical role of keyword research in successful SEO strategies. Marketing managers should understand the importance of thorough keyword research in understanding their audience’s search behavior and crafting content that meets those queries.
  9. Backlink Cost: An average backlink cost of about $362 in 2023-2024 reveals the monetary value of quality backlinks. For advertisers and SEO consultants, this figure can help assess the investment required for link-building campaigns and set client expectations regarding the costs of acquiring authoritative backlinks.
  10. Average Visit Time on Google: The statistic that the average visit time spent on Google is less than 12 minutes highlights the challenge of capturing and retaining the attention of search engine users. Digital marketers and SEO professionals must focus on strategies that improve visibility and engage users quickly, emphasizing the importance of site speed, user experience, and compelling content.


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