Google Bard Statistics

2023 Google Bard Statistics Google lost $120bn in valuation due to a wrong answer given by its AI chatbot Bard, during a live event, leading to a 7% drop in stocks. After realizing the factual [...]

Google Rankings Dropped Traffic

Google Ranking Suddenly and Dramatically Dropped? Don’t wait any longer to solve the problem! We work as hard as you do to recover your rankings and revenue ASAP. Time is of the essence and [...]

Blogging Statistics

Key Blogging Statistics About 70 million posts are published monthly Each month 409 million people see about 20 billion pages ~600,000,000  blogs exist worldwide Around 7 million blog posts are [...]

SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips

SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips To Boost Your Google Rankings SEO consulting becomes very important once your ROI and Click-Through Rate on Google Ads and PPC advertising decline (It always [...]