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Why Did Your Google Ranking Dropped and Your Website Traffic Disappeared?

Has your brand’s Google ranking suddenly fallen? Tons of marketing mangers and small business owners are scratching their heads right now faced with the fact that their “money” keyword rankings on Google are gone.  Along with it follows a huge slump in new customer traffic. Have you noticed a dramatic decline in your company’s website’s Google rankings and traffic? Maintaining a first-page result is only going to get more difficult due to the increase in technology and AI for search engines.

In this post we will discuss what could be the culprit for your visibility problems and what you need to know to start fixing it now.

More than likely these top six reasons are why your business lost rankings, traffic and positions in local or organic Google SERPs this year.

rankings on Google dropped suddenly

Google Rankings Dropped

Algorithm Updates

Google frequently updates its ranking algorithm to give people an efficient search experience and more relevant search results. Over the past year, Google has launched hundreds of algorithm adjustments, each with a unique set of changes. Your business may have lost its ranking position in Google searches because you did not adapt to Google’s algorithm updates.

This year, be flexible and stay on top of Google’s most recent algorithm updates — if necessary, reassess your content to be helpful and adapt your marketing strategy. Include fresh ideas in the aftermath of the Google Helpful Content updates from September of 2022 and stay updated for algorithm updates in 2023.

rusted old chain links

rusted old link building techniques

Poor Linking Strategies that Do Not focus on Relevance

Link building has changed over the years, but it is still an essential component of a dynamic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. However, it would be best to be careful with your link outreach. Poor link-building practices meant to deceive Google’s PageRank might cause Google to penalize your website, harming your overall link-building SEO plan and losing ranking positions in your organic searches. Here are the common poor linking strategies in 2022 that you need to avoid this year:

  • Not personalizing outreach emails
  • Linking poor-quality content
  • Link buying
  • Link borrowing
  • Link bribing
  • Using inappropriate tools for linking
  • Bargaining or trading links
  • Ignoring faulty links
  • Using just one link-building technique

Adding Too Much Marketing Tracking Codes From Your PPC Agency

Suppose you’re using sponsored advertisements to boost conversions. In that case, you should be well-versed in Google Ads conversion tracking to ensure you’re assessing its true impact — it is not about having every single JavaScript code you can find from your paid search company.

You only need marketing tracking codes that work for you and meet your needs. Pay-Per Click tracking should allow you to monitor visitors’ significant activities when interacting with your sponsored advertisement. Avoid marketing tracking codes that cannot track the following KPIs:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate
  • PPC campaign average position
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Cost per acquisition
  • PPC campaigns quality score
  • Number of impressions

Competitors Refreshed Their Content — You Did Not

Another main reason your blog lost its top spots in organic Google searches in 2022 is that you may have forgotten to refresh your content. In today’s fast-paced world, your content needs to be regularly updated. Although the content you already have may have done well when it was initially published, it has to be updated to adapt to changes in Google’s algorithm and ever-changing consumer demands. If your competitors are updating their content, but you did not, their helpful content will outrank yours, costing you ranking positions.

Continuously update your content in 2023 — Adding more effective keywords to outdated content can boost your SEO performance and raise its ranking. In addition, you can refresh your content for mobile users and create a new user experience by adding engaging graphics like videos, images, and other enhancements that cater to the demands of your target market.

No Accessibility, Privacy, Terms and Conditions for the New GDPR

The new GDPR law requires you to have privacy policies and terms and conditions on your website if your business collects or utilizes personally identifying information and/or private information.

“The Privacy Act of 1974 establishes a code of fair information practices that govern the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of information about individuals maintained in systems of records by federal agencies.”

GDPR is a significant part of EU privacy legislation and human rights laws. Given its significance, privacy policies and terms and conditions are constantly updated as part of Google’s algorithm to give users a better search experience. Your business will rank lower than businesses with privacy policies and terms and conditions related to the new GDPR on their websites.

Skipping Cookies Disclosures

Cookies are text snippets delivered to users’ browsers when they visit your website. It aids your website in remembering details of their visit, which may make it simpler for consumers to return to your site and increase its usefulness. Cookies are essential for tracking online behaviors and activities.

Understanding how to use cookies for data collection is essential for determining your target audience. You can update and customize your marketing approach based on the data you’ve obtained with cookies. However, it’s crucial to abide by privacy laws while using the cookies of your target audience. This year, establish a policy that assures visitors that the usage of their cookies is safe. Importantly, build an authoritative reputation to ensure website visitors feel at ease.

Website Design, HTML Code, CMS Migrations, Hosting, IP address Changes

So, your website traffic suddenly dropped, and your Google rankings have fallen off the 1st page? You’ve checked the above potential causes and are still scratching your head.

The next logical place to find the culprit is your web design, WordPress theme, CMS changes, website migrations, and hosting provider swaps.

  • Have you done any of that recently?
  • Has your server IP address changed?

These things can and usually will harm your rankings on Google and other Search Engines.

For exactly how long and to learn how to fix it, you should consult with SEO experts. Our SEO consulting service not only protects you before these types of things happen, but they can also audit your website and organic SEO rankings and tell you what went wrong and what you can do to fix it fast.

But remember, the longer you wait, the longer your problems will last, so get moving and request help from our professional SEO consultants today.

Enhance Your Strategy This Year

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As we move into 2023, consider these 7 recovery strategies as you work to improve your website’s SEO and rankings. If you consistently work on these critical areas, you’ll see a rise in orders and take your business further than ever.  if this seems to hard a task reach out to us and let us take care of it for you!

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