What is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting is an online marketing service that uses software, manual optimization, strategy, and expertise to drive your Google rankings higher in search results to gain visibility over your competitors in local and organic searches. These techniques allow SEO consultants to deliver more traffic to your website or blog that are interested in your offerings. The more people that visit your site means the more people that will contact you about buying your services or will purchase your products.

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Why Use SEO Consulting By an Expert Consultancy?

You already know that outranking other companies means more traffic to your website.  The more visitors to your website means more customers that will purchase your services and products.


However, ranking at the top of a Google search is hard, even with pages that are already well-optimized.


You need a proven SEO strategy that works in your industry specifically.


You also need time. (SEO) is a long-term marketing strategy that delivers a ROI for years to come.


There are 3 options to accomplish this goal, and each takes longer to provide value back to your bottom line.


  • Hire an SEO strategist that will drive your in-house SEO strategy and manage your progress.
  • Hire a professional SEO agency with experience in your specific industry
  • Hire expert organic SEO consultants or consultancy that can build and outline your entire SEO campaign and provide step-by-step instruction on how to reach your goals.

With this blog post we will help you figure out the best fit for you brand.  We will also teach you some important things to consider so you can learn how to select the best SEO consulting service for your specific business needs.


Of course, before we move to that just allow us a shameless plug.  In our opinion the best, or at least the top-rated search consulting experts are below:


The Top 2 Choices For SEO Consulting:

  1. KeyStar Agency for expert SEO consulting services
  2. Craig McConnel for a professional SEO Consultant

Learn How to Choose a Search Engine Optimization consultancy


Did you know that the #1 organic ranking position receives an average Google CTR of 32%? Also, a well-optimized title tag can increase click-through rates by more than 437%. These SEO stats show that ranking higher on Google will deliver more customers. But how do you rank higher quickly? Well, that’s where a professional consultant can help!

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Professional SEO Consulting Services

How to Select The Best SEO Consulting Service For Your Brand


There are several elements to consider if you want to choose an SEO consultancy partner that will drive your rankings higher on organic and local search results.


Ask any SEO expert at any agency and they will undoubtedly have different strategies to improve your websites rankings.  It can seem a little bit overwhelming but with this one simple trick you can discover the right fit for your company.


SEO Consulting Secret.


Typically the provider that has the most amount of case-studies, clients, and experience with your product or service will have the best methods and proven techniques to be the most profitable for you and your brand.


Whether you are a small business owner, marketing manager, or CMO this will hold up when making the decision to double your business this year.


But how do you find SEO consultants that offer SEO consulting services that are specific to your vertical?


Easy, just use search for SEO and your niche to find potential vendors and ask for a brief SEO consultation on the phone.


The most adept consultants will be able to identify your current knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and will be able to explain what it is they will do for you, the result that will occur, and how much it costs with approximate time frames for success.

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Pro SEO Tip!


A professional SEO consultancy will offer time frames for campaign success.  But, an expert SEO consultant will be able to offer financial incentives to improve rankings fast on specific keywords rather than just the strategy.

It would make sense that if they can get your ranking above your competitors quicker than anticipated there should be some reward for them if they are investing more of their time, resources, and efforts to get you to the top of Google faster.

Expert SEO Factors and Elements

There are four main pillars of SEO that all need to be addressed accurately by an organic search consultancy and at the correct time for success.

  1. SEO Strategy
  2. Content Strategy and Schedule
  3. Authority Development
  4. SEO Keywords Timeframe Goals

SEO Strategies

The most effective SEO strategy involves a few basic items.  You want to make sure that when you are provided a proposal that it includes timeframes to success, how measurement is handled, what keywords will be focused on and that it includes both, content, image, meta and H tags.  In addition, a rough outline of how to attain links and outreach for authority development as well as a guaranteed quantity of secured placements.

Content Strategies and Schedules

Read any HubSpot blog or Instagram account of influencers and you’ll get a ton of ways to make the content publishing portion of SEO very difficult and time consuming. You see, all you need to do is stick to a continuous schedule and think about your readers when it comes to topic idealization and the actual creation.  If you either write and post monthly or bi monthly and speak to your readers concisely you will be quite far ahead of the game.

Now of course if you have 200 nationwide locations you may want to publish weekly or even more frequently.  However, remember that the more pages of content on your site dilutes the ability of every other page to “rank”.  So less is more when it comes to content.  It’s better to revisit, refresh and add to existing pages than it is to churn out a ton of sub optimal content.  After all, as most marketers for some reason love to say…content is king.


Keyword Research

If content is king…then keywords are the Queens, Lords, Princes and Princesses of organic search marketing.

The only thing more important than on page optimizations is the keyword focus of each page on your website.  You cannot miss the mark in identifying the best phrases.  These will be words and terms that encompass all of the below objectives.

  1. Possible for your site to rank for the keyword?
  2. Will the keyword or term deliver a favorable  (CTR) Click-Through Rate?
  3. Does the key phrase drive revenue?

If you select terms and phrases that miss any one of the above criteria, you could waste months and years chasing poorly researched keywords that never push your bottom line.  That’s where expert keyword research comes in.  SEO keyword research is one of if not THE MOST important element of SEO.  Rather you use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Ads data from your PPC agency, Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMRUSH or KeywordStudio…you must have a consultant that knows how to perform keyword research at a top-tier enterprise level.

This research drives your content strategy, linking campaign and Google Ads advertising.  Keywords are everything.  Make sure that your consulting agency provides you with terrific keyword research and explain how they plan to go about performing this necessary function of your online visibility.


Backlinks / Link Building and Blogger Outreach

Ok so far these search marketing professionals are dotting the Is and crossing the T’s.  You like what you’ve seen and you are almost ready to pull the trigger.  Hold on!  Not just yet.

A comprehensive SEO strategy needs ranking authority and/or links (Backlinks).  Whether its local business citations, blogger outreach, Link magnates, social promotions or even URL shorteners, every piece of good content must have links.  Both thoughtfully used internal linking structures and off page links back to your content.


Just like content has a schedule so should a detailed method of link building.  As this runs the gamut from in depth to just outsourcing it you will need a plan to acquire more power for your pages.  If you want to understand the mysteries of link building, we suggest you read this post we wrote about it.


If all of this seems like a ton of work…that’s because it is.  Oftentimes it is much cheaper to outsource your Search Engine Marketing to an SEO agency or consultancy.  Consider how much time and money is involved and if you think you may need some professional help ask for a free SEO consulting service consultation today!


SEO Consulting Service Examples

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Want to see some example problems that search engine optimization services can fix?  Just check out our SEO consulting services page and find out if your current situation with organic search can be fixed with some expert eyes and hands.

Although you can use a Google SEO partner for anything you can also use them for the following examples of problems service providers can help you or your team navigate more efficiently.


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