SEO Timing Statistics

SEO Timline Statistics SEO Timeframe Statistics & Ranking Insights: Most Compelling Stat: 82% of sites that consistently implement SEO best practices achieve a top 10 ranking within 9 months. [...]

AI SEO Statistics

AI SEO Statistics 2023-2024 General AI SEO Overview: Speed of Implementation: Companies using AI-powered SEO tools report an average of 47% faster implementation time for SEO strategies than [...]

Internet Statistics

Internet Statistics 2023-2024 Key Internet Stats The country with the biggest number of internet users is China The region with the highest internet penetration rate is Northern Europe The [...]

B2B SEO Statistics

B2B SEO Statistics 2023-2024 No Google traffic is received by 90.63% of web content. SEO is considered “extremely” or “very” effective by 75% of marketing professionals [...]

SEO ROI Statistics

SEO ROI Statistics 2023-2024 Different types of SEO yield different ROIs. For example, Technical SEO (optimizing your site for mobile) has an ROI of 117%. Standard Content Marketing has a 16% [...]

Local SEO Statistics

2023 Local SEO Stats Over 71% of consumers have reported increased local businesses spending from 2022-2023 74% of respondents said they would continue to support those businesses in the future. [...]

Search Advertising Statistics

Search Advertising Statistics for 2023 2023 search ad revenue growth is slower than other formats, losing 1.2% full revenue share Paid search led with 40.2% of all digital ad revenue in 2022-2023 [...]

Google Bard Statistics

2023 Google Bard Statistics Google lost $120bn in valuation due to a wrong answer given by its AI chatbot Bard, during a live event, leading to a 7% drop in stocks. After realizing the factual [...]

Google Manual Action Statistics

Manual Action Stats For 2023 Google takes over 100,000 manual actions annually against sites and pages for violations. 60-70% of Google’s manual actions target spam, scrapers, and other [...]

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