PPC Statistics 2024-2023

  • 21% of brands say that PPC advertising is a waste of time (source)
  • 85% of US smartphone devices users are not using ad blockers (source)
  • Display ads only account for only 4% of digital advertisers budgets (source)
  •  31% of customers still do not research online before making a purchase (source)
  • 63% of shoppers seeing display advertisements will NOT search for products or services (source)
  • Only 25% of people that intend to make purchases click on pay per click ads (source)
  • 23% of Google users believe they cannot recognize organic results verses paid ads (source)
  • The personals and dating industry enjoys the highest Google ads paid conversion rate of 9.63%(source)
  • Only 28% of companies using Google Ads have checked at their advertising campaigns within the past month(source)

PPC Statistics 2023-2022

  • Customers are 70% more likely to buy a product when using PPC Retargeting
  • More than 27% of users will be speculated to be using PPC ad blockers
  • 49% of users are more likely to click on a text Pay Per Click ad
  • Young adults use social media apps: 32% Instagram, 24% Twitter, 14% Facebook and 13% Snapchat
  • The click-through rate for Google Ads is 2%
  • Google Ads deliver about $2 for every $1 spent or 50% ROI for PPC
  • Mobile users claim 70% of all paid search impressions
  • PPC Ads can increase brand awareness by 80%
Google Ads PPC Statistics

PPC Statistics 2023-2022

These PPC advertising statistics present a nuanced picture for marketers regarding the effectiveness and perception of digital advertising strategies:

  1. Skepticism Around PPC Advertising: With 21% of brands believing that PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a waste of time, marketers may need to reassess their investment in PPC. It suggests a need for more targeted, efficient strategies or exploring alternative advertising channels.
  2. Low Usage of Ad Blockers on Smartphones: The fact that 85% of US smartphone users do not use ad blockers indicates a significant opportunity for mobile advertising. It suggests that most smartphone users are accessible through mobile ads, emphasizing the importance of mobile-optimized marketing strategies.
  3. Limited Budget for Display Ads: Display ads account for only 4% of digital advertising budgets, implying that marketers may prioritize other forms of digital marketing over display advertising. This could be due to perceptions of effectiveness, audience engagement, or ROI.
  4. Offline Research and Purchase Decisions: With 31% of customers not researching online before making a purchase, a substantial segment of the consumer base still relies on offline channels. Highlighting the importance of integrated marketing strategies bridging online and offline mediums.
  5. Limited Impact of Display Ads on Search Behavior: The statistic that 63% of shoppers seeing display advertisements will not search for products or services suggests that display ads might not be as effective in driving immediate search behavior. This could indicate the need for more compelling or targeted display content.
  6. Low Click-Through on PPC Ads for Intent-to-Purchase Customers: Only 25% of people intending to make purchases click on PPC ads, which might indicate that a large portion of potential customers prefer organic search results or other channels for final purchase decisions.

PPC Facts 2022-2023

Retargeting is remarketing of your PPC strategy. This is important because it involves reaching out to people who have already interacted with the website. Google Analytics helps you resegment your audience and reach out to those who have already interacted with your website. The stats have shown that retargeting makes customers 70% more likely to buy your products. Using a combination of retargeting and remarketing could bring you great results. As you make sure you get the right clients, a sling will bring back excellent returns. Retargeting can also make sure your brand gets more recognition from the users you are targeting, which is a positive.

Ad blockers are one of the worst enemies for PPS marketers. 26.4% of users were speculated to be using ad blockers as of 2020. It is also speculated that 57% of Generation Z are using ad blockers on their devices which is a great adversary to ads. Ad blockers block ads from coming up on websites, thus hindering customers from finding out about your products, thus bringing down sales. The percentage is set to increase in coming years hence the need for marketers to find better ways of incorporating ads in websites or find a solution to battling ad blockers.

In a study by Clutch, users are more likely to engage with text ads making it the most preferred format. However, these stats depend on the platform the ad is placed in. For example, 55% of people who use Google prefer text ads and 50% of people who use Amazon prefer product listing ads and shopping lists. On the other hand, 36% of YouTube users prefer video ads. Overall, after Text ads, product listings and shopping ads come in second, with 31% of users preferring them. Video ads come in third, with 16% of users favoring them. This tells you what format you should use in the platform you wish to advertise on. If you want to use text ads, it is better to use Google. When on YouTube, you prefer to use video ads for the best returns. If you plan to use Amazon or most shopping sites, you should use product listings and shopping ads for the best returns.

More PPC Stats Explained for 2024-2023

The most used social media network by Young adults is Instagram. If the target for your products is young adults, you might just have to get on Instagram. The closest rival is twitter, coming in at 24%, and Facebook coming in third with 14% of Young adults using it as their preferred social media network. Snapchat came in last at 13% among the top social media networks among young adults. Instagram is an excellent platform for advertising since over one billion people view Instagram ads daily, so you are more likely to reach a larger audience. You should also note that social media networks are also taking shape among the older populations. So, you should also make sure you know how to target them and the areas they are most to get the best out of your ads.

Click-through rate is the number of times your ad has been clicked by a user divided by the number of times your ad is shown or the impressions. It is a fundamental metric to decide many factors in making and formatting your ads. It also helps to know whether what you are doing is working since you want a user to view your ad, click on it, follow through to your website, and make a purchase. The average click-through rate for most sites is 2%, so anything above that is spectacular.

Google ads bring about 2$ in revenue for every $1 spent on PPC advertising. Google ads are one of the most popular ways of advertising. You are more likely to get an impression and are easy to understand and use with no complications in looking for statistics. So, most people will prefer using a strategy that will make them more money. Plus, most people interact or have used a Google service, so it is not that farfetched.

Pay Per Click Statistics 2022-2021

Most people have mobiles, especially one with an internet connection. They access their information., media, shopping and many other things using their phones. So, it is only fair if they make up most of the impressions on platforms. That is why it is necessary to create a landing page that will please and will be user-friendly to mobile phone users. The page should be fast, functional, intuitive, and relevant to the product you are selling. It should also be in pace with the current trends to not look outdated. Therefore, a short landing page would be perfect.

Pay Per Click management services and paid Google ads are a great way of making sure your products make a name for themselves. They simply appear when someone is doing some of the most random tasks on the internet. If they are impressive enough or the user likes what they see, they could click the ad making the investment worthwhile. Given that increased people use the internet every day, the need for natural organic SEO services and PPC management services will grow, making brands more recognizable. To maximize their experience, a brand must make sure they master the type of bespoke SEO services and pay per click ads they can use and which platform they function best. Brand awareness is crucial to making sales.

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