Google My Business or (GMB) Now the Google Business Profile Manager

Has removed the tag functionality for listings…Learn what this means for you as a small business owners, SEO consultants, agencies or managers!

It was a not so hidden secret that adding keyword related tags to the old GMB profiles was the best way to get rankings on top of Google local business 3 pack results for your business.  With Google’s New change to the SERP results editing as shown here:


Instead of here:


That functionality has been removed on the sly.  So how does one go about making their site rank at the 1-3 local GMB listings?  Read on for some tips and strategies to tray and accomplish just that.


Most folks found us by searching for

  • How do I edit tags in GMB?
  • How do I change my GMB category?
  • How do I add services to Google My Business locations


There are tons of Local SEO GMB guides, but all the Google SERP results are from 2019 before the latest “update” by Google to Google My Business.  So most online tutorials have no relevance to today’s new Google Business Profile Manager setup as of January 2023.

It has moved to too the add custom services section.

Google says “When local customers search on Google for a service you offer, that service may be highlighted on your profile. Customers on mobile devices can also find all your services under “Services.””

Adding or Editing Your Business Services

Click here to learn how to edit your business services:

Then add your services here:

Where it says add custom service, that is where you add what you used to have as keywords in your tags.

Further Insights By Google

“Service businesses can choose from suggested types of services. For example, SEO companies may get “SEO Audit” or “expert SEO” as services to add. If the type of service isn’t listed, you can add your own custom services.

Tip: Certain custom services are prohibited and will be auto-rejected by our arbitration system. These include vulgarities, gibberish, personally identifiable information (PII), URLs, prices, and phone numbers.” – learn more.


Why Should You Add or Edit Services on Your Business Profile on Google

Google says that when a customer locally searches for the service(s) you added to your Google Business Profile (GMB) it could be seen on your profile highlighted and this may lead to a higher click through rate both on desktop PC’s and mobile devices.


If you have many or 100’s of locations this can be very time consuming.  Especially if there are regular changes like address, phone numbers, shopping cart ordering pages or URL changes.  You can hire us to tell you how to do this as your Search Engine Optimization Consultancy on Google business listings or we can manage them for you with our local SEO services and Google Business Profile management services.


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