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Bad reviews and brand mismanagement can drag your image down fast. Fortunately, KeyStar Agency can manage your online reputation for you and ensure that your brand image remains positive or recovers quickly from any negative attack.

Contact us today if you want free yourself from unwanted negative, press, remove news articles, poor Google reviews or online crisis.

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Your Online Image Matters

Around 97% of consumers consider brand reputation when transacting with businesses, professionals, and other well-known individuals. Thus, a sterling online reputation can help you generate leads, gain more clients, and realize higher revenues.

However, it’s not easy to maintain a good reputation in the online space. Bad reviews and mismanagement can drag your image down fast.

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KeyStar Agency Reputation Management Services

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We at KeyStar Agency offer several online reputation services. Hence, no matter what your needs or preferences are, we’ve got you covered.

Individual and Brand Reputation Management

Both companies and individuals need solid reputations to retain their influence and customer base. That’s we offer our reputation management services to different types of people.

High Value Individual Reputation Management

Politicians, celebrities, influencers, and other public icons depend on their public image to stay in business or office. At KeyStar Agency, we ensure that these public figures retain a healthy social media presence and reputation.

We look at their constituents or fan bases and regularly track posts and feedback that might hurt their popularity. Then, we apply content cleaning or crisis management if the situation demands it.

Lawyer / Doctor Reputation Management

Unlike high-value individuals that need to appeal to a broad audience, professionals like lawyers and doctors have a more limited target audience. Moreover, these professionals need to maintain a high level of credibility in their respective fields. To bolster their online credibility and reputation, we ensure that the blog posts on their digital platforms contain engaging and accurate content.

We likewise include search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in our lawyer and doctor reputation management service. Keyword and backlink campaigns are done so that the posts on their platforms will have high online visibility and reach the intended audience.

Digital Company Reputation Management

Around 86% of customers are willing to pay more to a company with excellent online ratings and reviews. Meanwhile, consumers are less likely to do business with a company with a questionable or tainted reputation. This means that brand reputation is of paramount importance for all businesses.

At KeyStar Agency, we provide constant reputation monitoring, review response, and negative feedback removal services for our company clients. We likewise help these clients generate SEO-friendly content to improve overall brand awareness.


Negative Content Removal

An effective way to repair a damaged online reputation is through negative content removal or cleaning. This method gives your platform a clean slate, making it easier to rebuild your brand image.

Our marketing experts can remove negative ratings, reviews, and feedback for you. We’ll send reports and requests to search engines for them to delete false, offensive, or misleading information relating to your online brand.

Our team likewise uses different content removal strategies depending on the review platfor


Google is a titanic search engine that currently holds 73% of all online business reviews. Hence, you’ll definitely want to have a good standing and reputation on this platform. Any false or improper content needs to be weeded out.

Our team at KeyStar Agency studies Google’s content policies to know what reviews can be flagged or reported. Moreover, they use resources like Google Maps, Google Search, and other review management tools to locate and report these inappropriate reviews.

Our team can also help you deal with reputation-damaging news articles from Google Search. They can contact the news publisher and request that they either remove the article or make necessary corrections. If the publisher refuses, KeyStar Agency can request Google to deindex the news article page from its search results.


Over 145 million people visit Yelp on a monthly basis to look for and give business reviews. These reviews are generally informative. However, some of them may contain derogatory language, hateful commentary, or fake reviews. To address these, we peruse the reviews in your Yelp account, find the inappropriate comments, and then delete them directly.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit complaint-resolution platform that has accredited over 400,000 North American enterprises. While the BBB is a good place to promote your brand, negative feedback on this platform can also hurt your online business reputation.

To help you avoid image crises, we at KeyStar Agency will first try to contact the commenter and propose a resolution. If that fails, we’ll request the BBB to arbitrate and determine if there is indeed grounds to remove the damaging feedback.

Complaints Board

Complaints Board is a popular complaint-resolution platform. While it has faced some controversies in the past, it still maintains a high user base. That’s why you should still monitor the customer reviews on this site.

KeyStar knows the influence these independent platforms hold. Hence, we have several negative review suppression and removal options at our disposal. One option is to contact the reviewer and try to resolve the issue quickly and quietly. If that doesn’t work, we can contact the Complaints Board directly and report the defamatory, abusive, or harassing feedback.

Lastly, we can generate new positive reviews to suppress the negative content and bury it in the search results.

Why Should You Choose KeyStar Agency?

While there are other reputation management providers such as Reputation and Thrive, KeyStar Agency has key strengths that make us better equipped to protect your online reputation.

Industry Experience

For over 24 years, KeyStar Agency has been in the business of providing local SEO services, including online reputation management. This gives us a leg up over competitors like Reputation, Affordable Reputation Management, and Thrive Agency which have less industry experience. Furthermore, the lessons and best practices we’ve learned throughout the years are passed down to our teams, making them competent in providing exemplary online reputation services.

Dedicated Service Specialists

KeyStar Agency has a team of professional and dedicated account service specialists. Each member plays a vital role in monitoring your online reputation and making sure that any negative content is promptly suppressed or removed. They likewise receive regular training on new reputation management trends and techniques to help them adapt to the ever-changing internet landscape.

Fast Resolution and Protection

At KeyStar Agency, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to online reputation management. Hence, we don’t wait for things to escalate before we react. Our teams quickly respond to undesirable review and rating patterns and employ the most efficient strategies to repair your online image. We then incorporate tailor-fit SEO, search marketing, and digital advertising techniques into your platform to prevent similar issues from happening again.

Organic SEO Offices

Expert SEO Consultants run KeyStar Agency Campaigns

As a top digital marketing firm and the best natural organic SEO services company, our professional team of experts will push your brand further and bury negative attacks fast.

Online Sentiment Management FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most asked queries regarding online reputation management.

What is online reputation?

Online reputation refers to the way your persona or brand is perceived in the online space. Your online reputation is constructed based on several factors such as product reviews and ratings, customer feedback, and news articles.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management aims to enhance your internet image through the use of effective advertising and SEO strategies. It also repairs your personal or business reputation in case it’s damaged by a scandal or influx of negative feedback. Online reputation management providers like KeyStar Agency do this by using content suppression and removal techniques.

Is online reputation management indispensable to my personal or company branding?

Yes. Reputation management ensures that your online image remains sterling and positive.  Maintaining a good online reputation is vital since it opens more opportunities for your personal and business brand. It will likewise help you gain more leads or followers.

How long does it take to remove negative content?

Negative reviews and ratings can be removed in one or two weeks, depending on how quickly the search engine or review platform responds to the removal request. Meanwhile, negative articles and blog posts usually take one to eight weeks before they’re deleted. This is because more parties like the publisher are involved.

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If you want to thrive in the digital space and retain your influence, you should have a healthy online reputation. From reputation monitoring to crisis management, we at KeyStar Agency offer all the online reputation services you need to maintain a good image. Furthermore, our long industry experience, dedicated personnel, and proactive measures give us an edge over our competitors. Contact KeyStar Agency today at (602) 633-5837 or visit our site to schedule a free consultation.

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