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Want to increase your brand’s online visibility, build trust and credibility, increase your revenue, and more? Take advantage of KeyStar’s most effective local SEO solutions. From keyword research, link building, and content creation to on-page optimization, reputation management, and conversion rate optimization, we’re your local SEO expert who will take your business to new heights.

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Learning about Local SEO


Local search engine optimization focuses on optimizing your website to increase the local search visibility of your business. While traditional SEO seeks to enhance your brand’s visibility on a broader (national and global) scale, local SEO aims for “near me” searches or local queries focused on particular locations. Through local SEO, you can target the most relevant audiences that are interested in or need your products or services.

To increase your brand’s position in local search rankings, you’ll need a reliable local SEO company like KeyStar. KeyStar has been helping small, medium, and large brands get the top Google rankings for over two decades.

Various Local SEO Services

As your premier local SEO agency, KeyStar offers a wide range of custom SEO services to help you stand out in local search results.

Keyword Research

Trusted local SEO services allow you to attract relevant audiences and expand your local reach. At KeyStar, we perform comprehensive keyword research and target the terms that enhance click-through and impressions and will generate the highest revenue.

Several factors are involved in keyword research, such as intent, competition, recent trends, changing consumer behaviors, and the length of time that consumers search. To avoid using outdated and ineffective SEO strategies, you should treat it as a continuous task. Let our local SEO agency do the heavy lifting for you.

Technical On-page Optimization

Need help making your site rank in your target locations? KeyStar is equipped to address your technical SEO problems. We’ll help you use schema markup properly so search engines can better understand your content and services.

You’ll get to maximize structured data, Google’s E-E-A-T or Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and Meta tags. You’ll also no longer have to deal with internal linking mistakes. As a result, your site gains a competitive advantage, and you can boost your brand’s visibility and rankings.

Franchise SEO

Are you looking for ways to maintain brand consistency and the success of your business in different locations? KeyStar specializes in SEO for franchises. With our years of experience in multi-franchise SEO, we have helped thousands of stores and dispensaries succeed in multiple service locations. From utilizing location-specific keywords to optimizing local citations and highlighting local reviews on your site and more, KeyStar will help you achieve new milestones in your stores and brands.

Link Building

Want to strengthen your visibility online while creating various discovery routes for your target audience? You’ll need to utilize powerful link-building. Determining potential websites for local links and connecting with prospects requires much time and effort.

Fortunately, a trusted local SEO consultant like KeyStar makes things easier for you with proven strategies. Through our dedicated in-house outreach specialists, you can expect top-quality link-building that allows you to attract more valuable links from influential sites and sources. Your blog posts and other content will then receive better Google rankings.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If you want to significantly increase the number of visitors to your site who become quality leads, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the answer for you. Implementing this strategy allows you to gather better sales leads.

From your homepage and landing pages to blogs, you can create great conversion opportunities for your site. The desired actions are signing up for a service, adding to the cart, completing a form, and buying a product. KeyStar has the right tools and specialists to increase your conversion rates.

Reputation Management

This figure shows how critical online reviews are for local consumers. Among consumers, 95% will read online reviews before shopping. That is why you’ll need solid reputation management to maintain a positive brand image and enhance customers’ confidence in your brand.

As a leading local SEO consulting agency, KeyStar helps protect or boost your brand’s online reputation by using effective strategies for acquiring positive online reviews and handling negative reviews.

Partner With Local SEO Experts Today

From better visibility and more qualified leads to lower advertising costs and higher revenue, local SEO services help make your business stand out. Want to maximize these benefits and more? Request a proposal from KeyStar today!

How do traditional SEO and local SEO differ?

Traditional SEO aims to optimize your site and create content with keywords that you want to rank for on search engines like Google and Bing. With a more search engine-friendly site, you can improve organic traffic.

Meanwhile, local SEO is focused on ranking better on local “near me” searches. You can increase your online presence and foot traffic to your physical locations or stores. Common tactics include using local keywords, collecting favorable reviews, and building citations.

What factors affect local SEO ranking?

Keywords, reviews, backlinks, proximity, Google Business Profile, and user experience contribute to your local SEO Google rankings. Getting top-notch local SEO consultancy services can skyrocket your ranking and drive more revenue.

How can I choose the best local SEO service provider?

Find out what past and present customers say to help select the best local SEO company. Check for patterns behind their feedback. Moreover, know local SEO companies’ pricing options. Whether they have pre-established packages or customized local SEO solutions, you should know the prices and inclusions. Also, see if the agency communicates or gets along well with you. Ask for an SEO proposal to have a better understanding of the process.

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Benefits of Local SEO Services

Local SEO services are more beneficial than you think. They help you save time, money, effort, and other valuable resources.

Gain Higher Visibility

Google Business Profile Manager

(GMB) Google My Business Profile Management Services

If customers don’t know that your brand exists, then there’s no way for them to choose your product or service. Fortunately, local search engine optimization gives you better visibility in your niche. By using location-based keywords, providing relevant content, using schema markup, meta tags, and structured data more effectively, your target audiences can easily find you. These people are already interested in and looking for your products and services. You simply have to ensure that your site is optimized for common and different queries.

Effective SEO lets you outrank even your biggest competitors and get new customers to notice your brand. Once you reach the top of SERPs, you can build brand awareness, which will eventually become brand recognition.

  1. More Qualified Leads – Using a targeted approach allows increased visibility and lets you generate more qualified leads. Local SEO enables you to focus on customers with a desire or need for your offering. Hence, converting these potential customers into paying ones will be easier.
  2. More Revenue – As local SEO lets you generate relevant traffic, you can increase your conversion rates and gain more sales and revenue. You can attract more customers to your physical stores or shops through local SEO services, like reputation management, excellent content creation, on-page optimization, and link building. Higher foot traffic lets you build a great customer experience and, thus, increase your profits.
  3. Exposure to Google 3-Pack – When you’re looking for products or services in a particular location, Google gives you the top three options that are relevant to your query. These are three Google Business profile listings. You can bring better traffic and more potential sales by including your local brand on Google’s local pack. Moreover, earning a nice spot within Google Maps will be easier.
  4. Lower Advertising Costs – Did you know that among smartphone shoppers, 82% perform “near me” searches? Moreover, over 90% of them tend to click on the first-page results. This means you can save a lot of money if you do your local SEO correctly. You can create quality traffic without spending too much on PPC and other advertisements.

At the same time, as local SEO allows you to build your online presence, you can use your marketing budget for other marketing channels. These include events, flyers, outdoor advertising, local radio, and more.

Learn How to Rank in Google 3-Pack

Complete your Google Business Profile page to remain competitive in the local 3-pack. Provide the necessary information, such as your contact details, updated address, and business hours. Adding your hours of operation will let potential customers know if your business is closed, closes soon, open, or opens soon. They can then check out your store at the correct business hours.

You can also improve visibility by obtaining locally relevant links. You can bring traffic back to your site through these links from other local businesses. Hence, more leads will learn more about your products or services. Backlinks also lets you enhance your site’s organic ranking and promote trust.

Asking for reviews can help you rank better in local SEO 3-pack too. Google has added review scores as a filter option for Maps results. Hence, earning high star ratings means more people interested in your listing, more clicks to your site, and more sales opportunities.

Maintain a solid social media presence too. This way, you can drive them to your site and increase your ranking. You can also get more reviews, which will then boost your reputation.

Why Choose KeyStar for Local SEO?

While there are several local SEO companies like WebFX, BrightLocal, and Thrive, we at KeyStar stay on top of our game with better value and consistent quality results. We also make sure that our local SEO solutions are tailored to your business needs, goals, and budget. We provide affordable options for a varying number of store locations. Your business will stay ahead of the competition from our free consultation to our dedicated team of SEO experts.

Faster Results

KeyStar provides effective local SEO services that help you experience faster results. Despite the changing algorithms, trends, and consumer behaviors, we have the right tools, people, and resources to take your business to higher places in the fastest time possible. Whether you’re running a small, medium-sized, or large enterprise, you can expect the exact effective local SEO solutions that will help you attract the right audience and increase conversions more quickly.

More Experience

KeyStar’s expert SEO consultants, copywriters, and search marketing professionals have years of experience satisfying local SEO needs. For over 24 years, we’ve excelled in organic search engine optimization, paid search advertising, and marketing. From technology companies and home services to e-commerce and real estate, we have helped thousands of clients from different firms and fields become more visible online.

Continual Monitoring

KeyStar also provides continuous monitoring to ensure that you don’t only secure a top spot on search engine results pages or SERPs but also maintain it. From SEO content creation and SEO link building to SEO for franchises to technical on-page SEO optimization, we’ll ensure constant monitoring to help promote business success. For instance, keyword research is something that should be considered an ongoing project. This way, your data is constantly updated, and you can achieve your desired traffic and expected conversions.

Maximum Protection from Problems

With KeyStar as your local SEO firm, you’ll avoid committing mistakes and encountering issues that will compromise your sales, revenue, and brand reputation. We implement the best strategies to avoid internal linking problems, respond to negative reviews effectively, monitor rankings, use powerful keyword combinations, create relevant content, and more.

Whether you’re struggling with your conversion rates, improving your ROI, or simplifying your hyper-local SEO and other digital marketing strategies, our talented team has you covered.

Dedicated Account Service Specialists

At KeyStar Agency, we also have dedicated account service specialists. Hence, you can be confident that you’ll receive customized solutions depending on your business needs, circumstances, and goals. From gathering and analyzing data to addressing technical SEO problems, we have the best team to help you stay on top of Google rankings.