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Almost 70% of online transactions and engagement start with a search engine query, with the highest-ranking page getting the most site traffic 49% of the time. This shows how vital search engine optimization (SEO) is to companies, executives, celebrities, and even politicians operating a website or online platform.

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Forensic SEO auditing services

SEO enhances online visibility, leading to more leads and sales. To ensure that your website is optimized and compliant with search engine standards, it has to undergo a regular technical SEO audit. We at KeyStar Agency offer a wide selection of SEO auditing services, leaving no area of your website unchecked. Contact us now at (602) 633-5837, so we can begin evaluating your site and improving its search ranking.

Some projects we’ve been fortunate to be a part of:

KeyStar Agency SEO Auditing Services


When rating a website, search engine algorithms consider many factors such as expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. We cover all bases at KeyStar Agency. By partnering with us, you’ll receive an all-inclusive SEO audit service package.

Keyword Research

Keywords are an essential component of any SEO campaign. Organic searches make content with the right words and phrases easier to find. However, with trends and algorithms constantly changing, you may need help in order to track these words consistently. Our keyword research service at KeyStar Agency addresses this issue.

Our team of professional web developers and marketers will research for you. We’ll determine your target audience, look into how they phrase their online queries, and provide you with a list of effective keywords. To make sure that you don’t use obsolete keywords, we’ll continue monitoring algorithm updates and your audience’s online behavior and regularly give you updated lists.

Link Cleanups

A website that has violated search engine guidelines can get flagged or blacklisted. On average, Google blacklists 10,000 websites daily. While some of these sites are taken down due to containing malware or other malicious software, the cause is sometimes just faulty links or backlinks. Getting blacklisted can severely impact your site’s search ranking.

KeyStar Agency is familiar with this issue, so we offer link cleanup services. Our team will review your site and content’s links and remove those that can be tagged as spam or suspicious. We’ll notify Google about links that should not be included in determining your site’s search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

Competitor Assessment

There are over a billion websites, with around 200 million active ones. With this many digital platforms competing for user attention, making your site stand out against your competitors can take time and effort. However, we at KeyStar Agency can create an opportunity out of this challenge.

Our competitor assessment service involves studying your competitors’ websites and posts. We’ll analyze their platform’s SEO-related strengths and weaknesses. Then, our team will determine the gap between your SEO implementations. Finally, using the data gathered, we’ll suggest actions that will help breach any gap and allow you to get the highest search rank.

Technical SEO Audit

Most websites contain multiple pages, links, practical features, and aesthetic add-ons. All of these elements need to be optimized and responsive. Otherwise, these online platforms will get a low SERP ranking and user engagement. Technical SEO audits thoroughly assesses key website areas, including dangling links, long page loading times, and error pages.

If you partner with KeyStar Agency, we’ll combine our long industry experience and reliable SEO tools to give your site an in-depth technical SEO audit. Then, we’ll use the information we’ve collected to improve the reliability and accessibility of your website.

On-site SEO Audit

No matter how informative or well-written your website’s content is, it will only rank high if search engines can connect it with user queries. This is where KeyStar Agency’s on-site SEO audit service comes in. Our team helps optimize your web pages and blog posts by proposing relevant title tags, headers, URLs, meta descriptions, and internal links.

We also test your content’s visibility in search engine results. If it needs a boost, we’ll make additional suggestions, such as reviewing the topical relevance of your content, changing your site’s structure or layout, or improving page responsiveness.

Content Audit and Recommendations

Content generation is a great way to establish your platform as a credible source of information. However, the content you produce should be helpful and accurate. Otherwise, it will be ignored by search engine algorithms and will not reach its intended audience.

KeyStar Agency will review your current and projected content plan. We’ll check the relevance and accuracy of your articles, web pages, and blog posts. We check their readability, format, and keyword usage with  plagiarism checkers. Then, our SEO content writing and digital marketing teams will offer suggestions on how you can improve your site’s future content.

KeyStar Agency SEO Auditing Services

Did your blog post suddenly lose its high search ranking? Is your site no longer searchable or visible in any search engine? It can be frustrating when the content or site you worked so hard to create suddenly loses traffic or disappears. KeyStar Agency will quickly determine the root cause and recover your site’s status if possible.

Our rankings loss audit services include checking if your content lost its SERP rating due to search engine violations, technical issues, or algorithm updates. If your website suddenly disappears from the 1st page, our team will ask Google or other search engines about the reason and if there is a way to return it.

Partner With Expert Auditors Today

Whoever has the strongest online presence holds the visibility advantage. To either retain or attain this edge, your website has to undergo comprehensive SEO audits.

From keyword research to content audit and recommendations, we at KeyStar Agency offer an extensive SEO audit service package. With our experience, expertise, and drive for excellence, we’ll ensure your website gets the search and Google rankings it deserves. Contact us at (602) 633-5837 or click the button below for a free SEO audit consultation.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about SEO audit services.

What is an SEO audit?

A comprehensive audit of your SEO, website and digital content performance online, particularly in search engine results, is vital to higher rankings on Google. All aspects of your online platform are thoroughly scrutinized and compared to established industry practices. The purpose is to give you an edge over competitors and improve your platform’s overall search ranking.

What are SEO auditing services?

SEO auditing services include digital solutions to identify your website’s weak aspects and determine strategies to strengthen its online presence. SEO audit service packages are offered by SEO agencies or full-service digital marketing providers like KeyStar Agency. The focus areas include website speed, coding, broken links, schemas, link quality, etc.

What is an enterprise audit service?

An enterprise audit service is an SEO service specifically designed to accommodate the needs of large companies and organizations. Since these enterprises target a bigger audience, they need more robust SEO solutions. Hence, a more in-depth SEO audit and content assessment are conducted.

Should I invest in Search Engine Optimization audit?

An enterprise audit service is an SEO service specifically designed to accommodate the needs of large companies and organizations. Since these enterprises target a bigger audience, they need more robust SEO solutions. Hence, a more in-depth Search Engine Optimization audit and content assessment are conducted.

Can I use a free SEO audit tool?

Yes, but a free SEO checker would only give you a partial assessment of your website’s status. These tools only provide surface-level analysis and may fail to uncover the issue, causing your search ranking to drop.

Moreover, these tools only focus on the technical aspects of a website and do not consider other factors like user behavior and shifting industry trends. Hence, while you can use a free SEO audit tool, choosing SEO audit services from a reputable provider is still advisable.

Does an SEO audit take a long time?

Comprehensive auditing usually takes around four to six weeks, depending on your organization’s size and your platform’s complexity. Enterprise SEO may take longer to complete, given how expansive a big company’s website can be.

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Why Should You Choose KeyStar Agency?

Other personal and enterprise audit service providers include WebFX, Page One Power, Outerbox Design, and HigherVisibility. However, we at KeyStar Agency have an advantage in several key areas and can thus bring you superior results.

Fast Results and Protection

At KeyStar Agency, we know that flagged, penalized and manual action sites with low-ranking content translate to missed opportunities. Around 45% of big companies claim that an hour of website downtime can equate to one million dollars in losses.

Thus, our team quickly coordinates with search engines to bring downed websites back online and address any other SEO-related problems our clients are experiencing. We use Google Webmaster best practices and advanced software when conducting your analysis, so we can give you the results and protection you need as soon as possible.

Long Industry Experience

For over 24 years, KeyStar Agency has provided full-service digital marketing solutions such as SEO audit services to businesses and individuals alike. Having a lot of industry experience means we’re familiar with the online space and how its users behave. This allows us to develop effective and bespoke SEO strategies for your website and blog content.

Dedicated Account Service Specialists

KeyStar Agency has a dedicated team for essential departments like digital marketing, organic SEO consulting, and SEO content writing and editing. The members of each team are experts in their respective fields and receive regular training to help them keep their edge.

Moreover, our teams take all their projects seriously and with passion. They won’t consider the job done until your website and content gets the traction it deserves.

Maximum Protection from Problems

With KeyStar as your local SEO firm, you’ll avoid committing mistakes and encountering issues that will compromise your sales, revenue, and brand reputation. We implement the best strategies to avoid internal linking problems, respond to negative reviews effectively, monitor rankings, use powerful keyword combinations, create relevant content, and more.

Whether you’re struggling with your conversion rates, improving your ROI, or simplifying your hyper-local SEO and other digital marketing strategies, our talented team has you covered.

Regular Monitoring

SEO methods are dynamic and should continuously evolve as trends and standards change. KeyStar Agency will regularly monitor your site’s performance and audience engagement patterns to ensure up-to-date SEO implementations. We’ll likewise present our findings in precise and digestible reports, so you can quickly identify the areas to focus on and strategies to change.

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