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Begin Structured Data Testing

To examine your structured data, Google advises starting with the Rich Results Test to discover potential Google rich results for your page. For comprehensive schema validation, utilize the Schema Markup Validator for assessing all types of markup, independent of Google-specific validation requirements.

Schema Markup Validator

Verify all structured data within web pages, excluding Google-specific warnings.


Access the Schema Markup Validator

Schema Markup Validator

Rich Results Test

Google’s official tool for analyzing your structured data and identifying potential Google rich results stemming from the data on your webpage. You can also preview how these rich results might appear in Google Search.

Access the Rich Results Test

Rich Test Results

In Search of the Structured Data Testing Tool?

Google has removed Google-specific validation from the Structured Data Testing Tool and transitioned it to a new domain: Schema Markup Validator. Learn more about this change through our their blog post.